FAQ About Hiring A Hacker

  1. What are the most popular online platforms to find a hacker for hire?
    1. The dark web. More specifically
      1. Dark web hackers: http://zkj7mzglnrbvu3elepazau7ol26cmq7acryvsqxvh4sreoydhzin7zid.onion
      2. Rent A Hacker: http://jn6weomv6klvnwdwcgu55miabpwklsmmyaf5qrkt4miif4shrqmvdhqd.onion
      3. If you’re looking for a white hat hacker, then Upwork.
  2. What specific skills and qualifications do clients typically look for when hiring a hacker?
    1. Someone with experience and strong technical skills, who respects anonymity, anticipates potential problems, and respond quickly to questions. They can also request written consent from the client to proceed.
  3. How can a hacker ensure that their services are legal and ethical when being hired by a client?
    1. By knowing the laws related to the job requirements. They should only accept jobs that are related to pentesting, assessing security and firewall measures, or when they’ve received written permission to hack.
  4. What are the risks involved in accepting jobs as a hacker for hire, and how can they be mitigated?
    1. Accept crypto, use Tor, and never sell via the clearnet. They should vet all clients and only accept those they are comfortable with.
  5. How can a hacker build and maintain a positive reputation in the industry, and what role do online reviews play in this process?
    1. By getting reviews from former clients. The difficulty is, clients won’t want to make a public statement for obvious reasons. Moreover, competitors are likely to leave fake, bad reviews of the service. The best way to build a good reputation is to have some form of an escrow service where part of the funds are released after stages of the project are completed. Maintaining open communication is also important.
  6. What are the common payment methods used when hiring a hacker, and how can a hacker protect themselves against payment fraud?
    1. Bitcoin transactions or other crypto payments.
  7. How can a hacker protect their identity and maintain anonymity when working with clients?
    1. Never use your real name, use encrypted and secure mail/text services to communicate, and stay behind Tor and a VPN.
  8. What are the best ways for a hacker to market themselves and attract new clients, while staying within ethical boundaries?
    1. Answer questions on sites like Reddit and Quora or make YT videos to explain what services they can provide. They can also put together a portfolio online and attend conferences like DefCon and others related to hacking and cybersecurity.
  9. How can a hacker determine if a potential client is legitimate, and what precautions should be taken to avoid being scammed?
    1. Ask questions about the client’s motivation, country of residence, and experience with the proposed project. Always ensure they pay something ahead of time to ensure you’re not doing the work for free. The client should also be able to provide a detailed outline of objectives and guidelines.
  10. What are some of the most common legal challenges that hackers face when providing services for hire, and how can these challenges be addressed?
    1. This depends on the task to be done. Working on white hat hacking projects is fine. Working on a client’s social media/email/mobile accounts may have different legal connotations depending on the jurisdiction. The hacker for hire can get legal advice to avoid any issues.